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Primary Diagnostic Services

Every cancer diagnostic process begins with your doctor suspecting you have a tumor. After imaging studies for solid tumors and blood work for blood related cancers, your doctor will decide to perform a biopsy to confirm and diagnose the cancer.


That biopsy is then sent to a commercial lab for testing, which employs a team of internal pathologists that make the diagnosis and report back to your doctor. Your doctor depends on this external diagnosis to design a treatment plan. If the diagnosis is wrong, the treatment will most certainly fail.

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1 in 5 cancer patients are misdiagnosed. Precipio is different because we get it right from the start.

The benefits of our Primary Diagnostics are:

Cutting-Edge Technology

We license and make available cutting-edge technology developed at our partner academic institutions, like Ice Cold PCR and SmartGen™.

Unparalleled Expertise

We partner with leading experts at world-renowned institutions to leverage highly specialized, academic expertise.

Diagnostic Accuracy

We combine these key competitive advantages to deliver accurate diagnoses for our patients within 3-5 days on average (this depends on the complexity of the work up and consult).

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Ask your doctor about our Primary Diagnostic Services today!

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and make sure your biopsy is being diagnosed by one of the industry’s leading experts!


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