HemeScreen HRM Reagents


  • Precipio has developed a proprietary hematologic malignancy mutation profile screening panel.
  • The mutation profile screening panel currently includes JAK2 (V617F), JAK2 Exon 12, MPL & CALR.
  • The panel utilizes a rapid and cost-effective detection technology that can screen for mutations to identify samples that require further evaluation or confirmatory testing.

Current Challenge Addressed

The diagnostic process of myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloproliferative neoplasms includes testing for mutations for the following:

  • JAK2 (V617F & Exon 12), MPL & CALR genes.
  • Due to expensive reagents and controls, the cost of running these tests is high relative to reimbursement.

Our Solution

  • Precipio has developed a proprietary, rapid and cost-effective mutation screening panel by HRM for JAK2 V617F, JAK2 Exon 12, MPL & CALR utilizing a High Resolution Melt analysis.
  • The screen for all four genes in the panel can be completed within 4-6 hours, providing a rapid TAT for negative (majority) cases.
  • Our mutation screening reagents include all the necessary components to perform the assay including the negative controls.


  1. Precipio's HemeScreen panel is run on all samples (approximately 4-6 hour TAT from DNA extraction).
  2. Negative-resulted specimens are reported out immediately (estimated 80% of all cases).
  3. Positive-resulted specimens are reflexed to test for the specific gene.

Cost Analysis

  1. This approach saves time and money allowing molecular testing for MDS & MPN evaluations to be efficient and economically viable
  2. Limiting molecular testing to HRM in — 80% of cases can lead to a >50% savings in cost of goods and significant labor reductions.

JAK2-V617F Example: Overall Lab Costs drop by —50% from $60 to $32 per sample

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