Better Sensitivity and Accuracy for Mutation Detection

Our ICE COLD-PCR technology preferentially enriches mutant DNA sequences in an excess of wild-type DNA through selective amplification of the mutant DNA. The result is up to a 500-fold increase in sensitivity in identifying mutations with the most precise sequence alteration detection rates available—down to .1% enabling mutation detection testing liquid biopsies. This capability removes the restriction for obtaining a tissue biopsy for genetic testing allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and monitoring of patients currently on therapies.

Ordering Information & Key Documents

The ICEme Reagent has a number of specific applications for mutation specific, disease specific and gene specific panels. Customizable panels for specific exons are also available upon request.

Available Reagents

ICP Enrichment Only

ICP with HRM

ICP with qPCR

ICP with Sanger

ICP with NGS

General Protocols

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