It's Time Patients Take Control

The battle against cancer begins with the diagnostic process. Your doctor may review your signs and symptoms and suspect you have a tumor. After imaging studies or blood work, your doctor may decide to perform a biopsy to confirm whether there is a problem.

That biopsy is then sent to a pathologist that examines the biopsy and determines the diagnosis, which is reported back to your doctor. Your doctor will base the treatment plan on this diagnosis. If the diagnosis is wrong, the treatment will likely not be effective.

Despite the devastating impact misdiagnosis can have on your healthcare, it is alarmingly common, affecting one in five cancer patients in the United States.

You may not realize that you can take control and make sure your, or your loved one’s treatment, is not derailed by an inaccurate diagnosis. Much like you can select your oncologist for treatment, with Precipio, you are now able to provide input into the selection of the correct pathologist for diagnosis. By choosing Precipio, you can now take the driver’s seat in ensuring you receive an accurate diagnosis.

What We Offer

Our mission is rooted in the belief that patients should expect no less than 100% accuracy. We are working to eradicate misdiagnosis by leveraging cutting-edge, proprietary technology, and access to the world’s top academic diagnostic experts.

Whether it be for an initial diagnosis; or if you’ve already received a cancer diagnosis, we personalize your diagnostic process by matching your personal situation with a highly specialized academic pathologist to ensure you get the most accurate results. At no additional cost, you can select a specialist yourself or let Precipio match a pathologist that suits your clinical needs. Our pathologists will work hand-in-hand with your oncologist and support them throughout your battle with cancer, ensuring you have a team of experts by your side.

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Patients in our network have access to our diagnostic expertise. Talk to your doctor today about Precipio to make sure your diagnosis is accurate and that your treatment is on the right course.

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