Diagnostic Accuracy Prevents Unnecessary Cost

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a more accurate, efficient diagnostic solution by combining academic expertise and advanced diagnostic technology to reduce diagnostic error.

The Problem

There is a massive unpublicized problem of misdiagnosis holding back the battle with cancer. Oncologists, patients and the healthcare system are being FAILED by diagnostic companies providing misdiagnosis at rates of up to 20% of cases.

The Consequences

Misdiagnosis and other inefficiencies cost the healthcare system $750B annually. While the diagnostic industry only accounts for 2% of healthcare expenditures, diagnostics impact roughly 70% of all health care decisions and costs.

The estimated annual cost of cancer care for a patient ranges $100-250K. When a patient is misdiagnosed, those costs can double, and are ineffective in treating the patient.

Our Solution

As a clinical lab harnessing academic pathology expertise, Precipio provides physicians with a significantly higher level of diagnostic accuracy. This leads to more effective patient care, better utilization of healthcare resources and avoiding downstream waste that results from misdiagnosis and are paid for by insurers.

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We want to engage with healthcare insurance companies to explore the cost of misdiagnosis; and further a dialogue on how insurance companies can deliver a more resource-efficient, accurate diagnostic service to patients.

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