Precipio is committed to providing physicians with the most accurate diagnoses, and the highest level of patient care. Through our laboratory’s exclusive agreement with the Yale University School of Medicine, we provide our customers with more than a diagnosis. We provide:

  • An expert pathologist diagnostic interpretation from experienced, world renowned Yale faculty.
  • As faculty at a top academic research institution. The pathologists providing the diagnosis also regularly participate and contribute to the most recent research, and are therefore up-to-date on the latest developments in the field.
  • Case-specific one-on-one video consultation with the diagnosing pathologist.
  • Rather than be discarded, patient specimens* can contribute to the research efforts to further the study of cancer.

* at patient’s consent


Partnering with Precipio means more than just getting a report on the case submitted. It gives our customers access to the top minds in the field, and equips them to provide their patients with the best patient care.