Our Culture

Precipio’s culture is one of care, and putting the patient first. The company exists to battle the problem of misdiagnosis; A problem that affects hundreds of thousands of patients, and their families, each year.

Every patient that is impacted by the work we do, is treated with the same care we would treat our own family.

This care also permeates to our employees. Our culture is designed to give our colleagues the trust, respect, and empowerment to do important work, and be accountable for their responsibilities. This ensures that they have a meaningful and substantive contribution to our mission.

Lastly, we do our best to enjoy each other’s company, and our time together – and have fun! This means that while we take our work very seriously, we try not to always take ourselves too seriously. Humor, fun, and team activities are a constant within our company. Our goal is to create a work environment so that people feel that their work is not just a job, but a place where we come together to have an impact.

Our Specialty Areas