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Human blood cells

Hematopathology Services

Our diagnostic lab provides a personalized workup for each and every patient specimen we receive. Each case is intelligently triaged, and guided by our expert Hematopathologists, and results are correlated for you to provide the most accurate, clear, and concise diagnosis.

The Omnia workup by Precipio delivers a personalized, comprehensive assessment and includes:

• Review of Clinical history & CBC, Morphologic assessment, with medically necessary tests ordered in reflex such as, Immunohistochemistry, Flow cytometry, Cytogenetics, FISH, and Molecular testing.
• All with pathologist oversight to ensure only medically necessary tests are performed, reducing cost and sample utilization.

In many cases, clinical suspicion differs from the final diagnosis. Learn how Omnia can help.

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1 in 4 blood cancer patients is misdiagnosed.
Precipio is different because we get it right from the start.

Ask your doctor about our Hematopathology Services today! Contact us with any questions!

Make sure your sample is being diagnosed by one of the industry’s leading experts!

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The benefits of our Hematopathology Services are:

Cutting-Edge Technology

We license and make available cutting-edge technology developed at our partner academic institutions, like our HemeScreen® HRM platform.


We partner with leading experts at world-renowned institutions to leverage highly specialized, academic expertise.


We combine these key competitive advantages to deliver accurate diagnoses for our patients within 7-10 days on average .