HemeScreen® Cytopenia Panel

Cytopenia Panel Information

The HemeScreen® Cytopenia Panel offerings are research use only assays that detect clinically actionable somatic mutations in targets of interest related to myeloproliferative disorders. This reagent set is specifically designed to screen for mutations using High Resolution Melt Analysis in WT1 Exon 8, WT1 Exon 10, ASXL1 Exon 12 codon 591, ASXL1 Exon 12 codon 635, ASXL1 Exon 12 codon 693, ASXL1 Exon 12 codon 808, ASXL1 Exon 12 codon 1102, RUNX1 Exon 4, RUNX1 Exon 5, RUNX1 Exon 6, RUNX1 Exon 8, and DNMT3A exon 23. This reagent set is designed for use by suitably trained personnel testing DNA extracted from whole blood or bone marrow.

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Cytopenia Kit