Hematopathology Services

Accurate Blood Cancer Testing with OmniaTM

Even with advances in oncology diagnostics, blood cancers are misdiagnosed or misclassified at an alarming rate. At Precipio, we are revolutionizing hematopathology diagnostics through our innovative Omnia methodology, ensuring more accurate and reliable results for every sample we receive.

22% of Our Consults Result in a Corrected Diagnosis.*

Each case is intelligently triaged, and guided by our expert Hematopathologists, and results are correlated for you to provide the most accurate, clear, and concise diagnosis. View our case studies to see our real world examples of how we provided clinicians with the correct diagnosis to guide critical treatment decisions.

Here is how we deliver a personalized, comprehensive assessment for your patients.

  1. Sample Triage: We understand the criticality of accurate diagnosis. That’s why each sample we receive goes through meticulous triaging. Our expert hematopathologists guide this blood cancer testing process to ensure only medically necessary tests are performed, reducing cost and optimizing sample utilization.
  2. Staging and Reflex Testing: Through our Omnia approach, we stage and reflex our testing based on patient history, recent CBCs, morphologic assessment, and subsequent testing such as Immunohistochemistry, Flow cytometry, Cytogenetics, FISH, and Molecular testing. This dynamic testing strategy allows us to ensure that we are running the right tests for the right targets at the right stages, optimizing accuracy, diagnostic efficiency, and ensuring we only test for what is clinically necessary.
  3. Proprietary Technologies: Our advanced proprietary technologies, including Rev CI, IV-Cell, and HemeScreen, are instrumental in enhancing diagnostic accuracy. Rev CI is our Cell Enrichment Technology used for low cellularity samples to provide more conclusive FISH results. IV-Cell Universal Cytogenetic Medium allows our lab to culture all 4 cell lineages simultaneously to reduce false negatives. HemeScreen Comprehensive Molecular Panels provide deeper clinical insight into driver mutation status of various blood cancers.

Clinical suspicion often differs from the final diagnosis. Learn how the Omnia approach can help.

*: Based on internal data